Is Github Copilot worth paying for?

We know that Github is the biggest codebase in the world. In the past couple of months ago, there was a huge discussion going on in developer communities about GitHub copilot when its beta version is released. Developers were seriously concerned about it that it’ll replace them in the future, it's a threat to the developers, etc. Now, most developers started using it as a tool to simplify their work. Github itself claims that almost 30 percent of newly written code is suggested by Copilot.

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A week ago, Copilot released its official version consisting of a 10 USD per month package. It is still free for students and popular open-source project maintainers as well.“Should you use it?”. Well, It depends. There are various scenarios to it:

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If you are a beginner-level programmer and let’s say you are learning python. If you are at a stage like that, It is not recommended to use a tool like Copilot. Because you won’t have a proper understanding of the code’s working. You might not understand what it does or how it works etc whereas GitHub makes it simple for you. If you are someone who has an intermediate level of experience and knowledge in programming, then you are good to go. Because It makes it easier for you to code as well as complete your project faster.

Now we have discussed who should use it and who shouldn't. Now our ultimate question will be “Is it worth paying?”.

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If you are a developer who makes a fairly decent amount of money, then copilot will help you finish your project within the deadline and it’s worth the money. Also, if you are someone who can afford 10 USD / Month comparing your income, Copilot is definitely worth the money. You should keep in mind that, Always keep track of your expenses. It might be just 10 USD / Month for you. But it definitely adds up if you are using other tools as well. Because, you as a developer are probably paying for their stuff like Hosting (AWS, GCP, etc) and Domains, etc.

If you wanna learn more about this topic, watch this video by James Q Quick:

Are you using Copilot?



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